Deli Difference

Innovation makes Pickles & Rye stand out from many others.

By Danny Raskin

Detroit Jewish News, February 2015

Being called “the different Jewish delicatessen” by many, Pickles & Rye Deli, in the West Bloomfield Plaza, Orchard Lake Road, between 14 and 15 mile, West Bloomfield, will celebrate its first anniversary this June.

Among its many features are the highly popular multiple-size sandwiches that might have simmered down irate deli customers who have had to pay for a wholes and which even though able to eat just half. One of the original developers of multiple-size sandwiches years back at

Southfield’s Plaza Deli was Rick Therrien, now co-owner of Pickles & Rye Deli with Linda Collins and customers are showing much gratitude for it. Pickles & Rye presently has two sizes at lower prices: Six ounces of meat and 12 ounces of meat. A new menu coming out this spring will also include a 4-ounce sandwich. A big favorite carryout feature, now making huge waves at Pickles & Rye, is the takeout offering 24/7,of a half-pound of Sy Ginsberg corned beef, a half-pound of roast turkey, a quart of mushroom barley or chicken noodle soup, new and old dill pickles, a half-pint of Russian dressing and loaf of sliced rye bread, $24.

This spring and summer will also include two different styles of pickles to go with the staple new and old dills. A turmeric bread-and-butter pickle and a beet and horseradish pickle. Pickles & Rye Deli also differs in offering choices not found at too many other delicatessens, like dill pickle soup every Wednesday, its new mushroom barley soup with a blend of wild mushrooms that seems to be an exclusive concoction of Rick and Linda. Also, exclusive desserts like a gluten free cherry and walnut Kugel and White chocolate bagel bread-pudding. 

And have you ever heard of a low-fat Cranberry Dill Tuna? It’s a delicious protein very popular among folks restricting their intake of fat or the Wild and Cheesy sandwich that is built with a wild mushroom compote and melted gooey Swiss cheese on grilled nine-grain wheat bread.

Another big seller at Pickles & Rye is the grilled kosher salami, pastrami and pepper jack cheese on an onion roll with whole grain mustard. Also, soon being presented will be a lite menu of smaller portions and lower prices for many items designed for smaller eaters, senior citizens and diet watchers. 

Rick is in the kitchen, cooking on the hot line and working prep among his other duties. Linda plies her trade of being among the best trainers in town, along with greeting folks with a smile. Pickles & Rye Deli may be the sleeping deli giant that has been slowly awakening big time. In many ways, this is a good thing.  

Restaurant owners who walk slowly, so to speak, before easing into a rapid pace are more apt to achieve success. The word about Pickles & Rye has been too quiet not to have something big brewing. It is like a slow-filling bubble that is about to burst open. That it has taken a deliberate pace since Pickles & Rye Deli’s opening last year, says much. Being different demands snaillike movement to successfully realize its goal.


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